Altova Announces XMLSPY 2004 "Borland Edition"

Mar 26, 2004

Altova Inc. and Borland Software Corporation have announced that a special "Borland Edition" of Altova XMLSPY 2004 is included with Borland JBuilder X Enterprise. This announcement marks the continuation of the relationship between Altova and Borland, combining the XML development tool with the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java in an effort to help advance Java and XML software development.

By including a special edition of Altova XMLSPY with JBuilder X, Borland hopes to provide its developer community with the tools required for designing, editing, and debugging enterprise applications involving XML, XML Schema, XSL/XSLT, SOAP, WSDL, and Web services. Altova XMLSPY 2004 Borland Edition is included with Borland JBuilder X Enterprise. This special edition of Altova XMLSPY 2004 initially operates as a 30-day evaluation copy of Altova XMLSPY 2004 Enterprise Edition. Upon expiration of the 30-day evaluation period, developers may elect to purchase either XMLSPY 2004 Enterprise Edition or Altova XMLSPY 2004 Professional Edition at a $30 discount. Otherwise, the license automatically converts to a non-expiring license for the Altova XMLSPY 2004 Home Edition.

Borland is shipping three editions of JBuilder X: Borland JBuilder X Enterprise primarily for J2EE and Web Services development; Borland JBuilder X Developer for Web application and code-centric development; and Borland JBuilder X Foundation. The special edition of Altova XMLSPY is available now.

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