Alloy Entertainment Launches New Digital-First Imprint with Amazon Publishing

Jul 29, 2014

Amazon Publishing and Alloy Entertainment, a division of Warner Bros. Television Group, announced a digital-first imprint that will focus on young adult, new adult, and commercial fiction. The new imprint, named Alloy Entertainment, will be part of Amazon Publishing's Powered by Amazon program.

Today also marks the publication date for the imprint's first three titles. Imitation by Heather Hildenbrand follows Ven, the clone of a wealthy, 18-year-old named Raven. Every Ugly Word by Aimee Salter is a coming-of-age story about a teenager named Ashley who sees her 23-year-old self when she looks in the mirror. Rebel Wing by Tracy Banghart is a sci-fi fantasy adventure set in the war-torn Dominion of Atalanta.

Alloy Entertainment worked closely with each of the writers throughout the publishing process in an effort to gain the widest possible readership. The books will be published under the Alloy Entertainment publishing banner, which currently includes more than 75 New York Times bestsellers.