Alliant Asset Management Company, LLC Chooses iManage WorkSite

Aug 26, 2003

iManage, Inc., a provider of collaborative content management software for enterprises, has announced that Alliant Asset Management Company, LLC, a tax credit syndicator, has chosen the iManage WorkSite solution for collaboration and content management. Alliant offers services to help corporate investors identify and pursue investments in affordable housing. These transactions involve extensive content and numerous parties, including Alliant's Acquisition, Finance, Legal, and Asset Management departments, various state housing authorities, lenders, and corporate investors, in addition to accountants and counsel for each of the parties. Alliant previously relied on emailed attachments, overnight shipping, phone calls, voicemails and in-person meetings to share information and close deals.

Alliant will deploy iManage WorkSite firm-wide to bring each transaction's internal and external participants into a unified environment where they can share documents and collaborate throughout the deal cycle. iManage Worksite's version control and collaborative editing functionality are designed to prevent revision errors and ensure that Alliant's professionals are able to use the most current version of documentation. Alliant will also use iManage WorkSite for knowledge management. iManage partner CMJ Information Technology, Inc. will provide deployment support for Alliant's iManage WorkSite implementation.

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