Alkacon Software Releases OAMP ExcelImport Module for OpenCMS

Apr 14, 2011

Alkacon is releasing its OAMP ExcelImport Module, which adds the ability to to import an Excel file into its OpenCMS content management system and create XML content from Excel records. The module can be used for rapid content creation from large offline data collections such as news, events, address lists, or lists of employees. The module works by matching Excel sheet column names to XML tags, and supports optional direct publishing.

OpenCMS is a complete open source web content management system based on Java and XML. It can be deployed in both open source environments such as Linux, Tomcat, and Tomcat and commercial platforms such as IIS or the Windows NT line of products. OpenCMS is completely free of licensing costs. Alkacon Software GmbH is the official maintainer and the major contributor for OpenCMS.