Alkacon Expands CMS with Enterprise Extensions

May 26, 2011

Alkacon released the Alkacon OpenCMS Enterprise Extensions, commercial extensions that offer support for LDAP, clustering, replication and improved performance in the open source web content management system OpenCms. The latest OCEE release version 3.0 is a compatibility update to work with the new OpenCms 8.

New features and improvements in OCEE 3.0 for OpenCMS 8 include an improved OCEE Accelerator that now features memory usage information to cache statistics, as well as support for group name translation and nested groups in Microsoft Active Directory. Main features in OCEE are support for multi-staging scenarios with the OCEE Replicator. It is also now possible to connect each OpenCMS Organizational Unit with an individual path in the LDAP Server.

The Alkacon OpenCMS Enterprise Extensions are available as a licensed software product from Alkacon Software GmbH, the company responsible for most of the development of the open source core OpenCMS system.