Algo Vision LuraTech GmbH and PDF Tools AG Partner

Jan 13, 2004

The German company Algo Vision LuraTech GmbH and the Swiss firm PDF Tools AG have extended their agreement. As part of a wide-ranging partnership contract, PDF Tools AG will add PDF compression tools from Algo Vision LuraTech GmbH--PdfCompressor Desktop, PdfCompressor Server, and LuraDocument.jpm PDF-SDK--to its range of PDF technology products. A provider of high performance PDF products on multiple platforms, PDF Tools AG already showed its confidence in Algo Vision LuraTech's products. In summer 2003, it integrated the company's JPEG2000 compression technology in its own PDF solutions for supporting the functionality of PDF 1.5.

Algo Vision LuraTech, a developer of compression technology for images and documents as well as JPEG2000 implementations, has created a stand alone application for Windows with its LuraDocument.jpm PdfCompressor, which allows scanned documents to be converted into compressed PDF files. The file standards tiff, jpeg, bmp, and pnm are supported as input formats. The PdfCompressor is available as either a Desktop or Server version. With PdfCompressor Desktop, color scans can be converted into PDF files. The Server version automatically monitors input directories, compresses files contained there, and stores them in defined output directories. The developer tool LuraDocument.jpm PDF-SDK is available for those users who want to integrate the multi-layer scanning procedure for colored documents in their systems. PDF Tools AG offers off-the-shelf PDF tools and libraries. It also provides a range of extensions and consulting services to create customer-specified PDF solutions. The partnership is expected to be intensified in the future, especially in the area of development. Existing products will be further developed and new customized solutions will also be created.  

Algo Vision LuraTech GmbH is a subsidiary of the Algo Vision Group with headquarters in Berlin. Resulting from the 2002 merger of Algo Vision Mediatec GmbH and LuraTech GmbH, Algo Vision LuraTech GmbH is a developer of JPEG2000 implementations and compression technology for images and documents.

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