Alfresco and Kofax Integrate Ascent Capture

Sep 19, 2006


Alfresco Software Inc., a provider of an open source enterprise content management solution, and Kofax, a provider of information capture solutions, have announced the availability of an integration of Kofax Ascent Capture with Alfresco's open source repository. The Ascent integration module offers joint Alfresco and Kofax customers access to a production capture solution, including automatic document classification, data extraction, and validation for both internet-based distributed capture or centralized environments. The Ascent integration also allows documents to be captured and stored in Alfresco, designed to enable customers to review and approve documents for long term archival or records management purposes.

Ascent collects paper documents, forms, and edocuments; transforming them into retrievable information; and delivering the content into an organization's business applications and databases. The integration with Ascent Capture features automatic mapping to an Alfresco content type, generation of TIFF, PDF, or OCR generated text and the ability to apply Alfresco's advanced aspect-oriented rules engine to process captured images. The system also includes secure access to any repository regardless of location. In addition, by using Alfresco's web services API, customers can deploy Ascent Capture without any additional installation to the Alfresco repository. The Kofax Ascent Capture integration module will be available through the Alfresco Forge.