Alfresco Provides First Community Release with Activiti BPM Integration

Apr 21, 2011

Alfresco, an open platform for social content management, previewed the Activiti Business Process Management (BPM) workflow engine integrated with Alfresco. Activiti is compliant with the industry standard BPMN 2.0 and extends Alfresco's workflow features by giving developers the ability to create process flows between Alfresco and other business applications. The integration is being offered through an update to Alfresco Community, version 3.4.e.

Activiti, which launched last year, has worked as an independent open source project distributed under the Apache license. It is a lightweight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) Platform that aims to provide a workflow tool to drive content needs from within the Alfresco community. Activity is built around a BPMN 2.0 process engine for Java. The preview release will enable early adopters to compare the existing jBPM workflow, which it replaces, with the Activiti BPM environment.

The production ready version of the integration will be available in the next major release of Alfresco Enterprise in the Q4.