Alchemy Software Development and TRADOS Deliver Joint Solution

Nov 12, 2004


TRADOS Inc. and Alchemy Software Development Limited, a provider of visual localization technology, have announced the release of a new solution--the Alchemy TRADOS Component--that is designed to bridge the gap between localizing visual content in software and localizing content in product documents and other materials.

The Alchemy TRADOS Component enables an organization to move translated content from Alchemy CATALYST's software localization process into product content globalization on TRADOS Translation Memory Server and TRADOS MultiTerm Server for use in technical and marketing documentation and information.

Alchemy CATALYST is an integrated translation environment with project management features that are intended to help ensure localization projects run smoothly and efficiently, integrating editors and tools for translators, localization engineers, QA specialists, project managers, and software developers. TRADOS Server builds a knowledgebase of previous translations and identifies reusable content and TRADOS MultiTerm Server enforces consistent use of specific words and phrases.