Alacritude, Renamed HighBeam Research, Unveils Service Targeting Individual Online Researchers

Jan 27, 2004

Alacritude, LLC, has changed its name to HighBeam Research, LLC, and has introduced the company's new flagship online research service, HighBeam Research. The service is designed for individuals engaged in serious business, educational, and personal research and is designed to deliver convenient, customizable access to the free Web, selected registration and subscription online services, and the HighBeam Research proprietary eLibrary database. The company's eLibrary and Researchville services have become part of the new HighBeam Research service. An enhanced version of the HighBeam Research's service will become a part of HighBeam Research.

The new service, which the company is calling a "research engine," is intended to allow users to locate answers on the Web, selected online services, and in the proprietary HighBeam eLibrary database. The eLibrary database includes a collection of more than 28 million articles and pictures from 2,600 publishers. It is updated daily and goes back as far as 20 years. HighBeam research features resources for locating information, such as HighBeam Web and HighBeam eLibrary; tools for organizing results, including search and sort, topic clustering, research groups, store, preferences, and alerts; and tools for delivering answers, like print, export, and share.

HighBeam Research offers both basic and full membership options. Basic membership is free and enables users to take advantage of improved search functionality, access to document summaries and limited access to certain tools. Full membership, available for $99.95 per year or $19.95 per month, includes unlimited individual access to full-text articles, full use of personalization and storage tools and the ability to export research to Microsoft Office.

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