Alacra Offers Portal B in Google Custom Search Engines

Jun 26, 2007

Portal B is currently available in the form of eight Google Custom Search Engines: Business & Trade Publications; Law Firms; Commercial & Investment Banks; Consulting and Accounting Firms; Educational Institutions; Market Research Firms; Trade Associations; and Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms. In 1999, Alacra launched a search engine called Portal B. The goal of Portal B was to provide better search results for business-oriented searches without advertising. The business model was that Alacra would charge enterprises for the search engine and embed it in their intranet. These Search Engines are available at as well as within Alacra. By switching to Google Custom Search Engines users can provide results plus all the benefits of Google’s technology on Alacra’s site indices. This will be free to all users and will be supported by advertising. Each index has a set of facets so that results can be filtered.