Alacra Launches the Alacra Store

Aug 16, 2005

Alacra, Inc., a provider of online business information solutions, has announced the launch of the Alacra Store. The Alacra Store is an ecommerce Web site offering business professionals pay-per-view access to reports from many of Alacra's premier database providers.

The Alacra Store exposes "deep Web" content from more than 30 premium business information publishers. Searches can be performed by keyword, company name, ticker symbol, publisher, or industry criteria. The results will consist of a list of available reports from distinguished Alacra content partners, such as CreditSights, Datamonitor, D&B, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Freedonia, Leadership Directories, Snapdata International, and Thomson Financial. Company coverage from Alacra includes more than 45,000 global public companies and 350,000 global private companies with more than $20 million in revenue or 200 employees. The types of business information accessible from the Alacra Store include company fundamentals and financials, credit research, economic data, market and investment research, and news. Many market research reports are available on a per-page basis. The output is generally delivered in PDF format, though the format is dependent on the publisher. Customers only pay for the cost of content they download. Alacra charges no additional fees. To purchase a report, users complete a registration form and submit their credit card information. Once paid for, reports can be downloaded to the desktop and will remain available to download for 24 hours.