Alacra Adds Newstex Newsfeeds

Sep 30, 2005

Alacra, Inc., a provider of online business information solutions, announced the addition of Newstex Newsfeeds to its roster of content sources. The agreement calls for Newstex to provide tailored, real-time news and commentary from branded newswires, newspapers, magazines, financial and business sources, official government feeds, and Weblogs to Alacra Subscription Services and Alacra Store.

Alacra customers can benefit from value-added content formatting within Newstex Newsfeeds including Newstex PeopleTickering, a way to identify people in the news such as Officers and Directors of corporations, financial institutions, and non-profit organizations. The addition of PeopleTickering is designed to allow Alacra customers to research newsmakers and extends Alacra's keyword, company, and publisher search capabilities. By delivering Newstex Newsfeeds with PeopleTickering through Alacra, "deep Web" content on people making the news, including blog posts, commentary, and government feeds will be indexed.