Akoonu Debuts Content Marketing Platform for Developing and Integrating Buyer Personas and Journey Maps

May 21, 2015

Akoonu, Inc. announced the general availability of its cloud-based content marketing platform, a solution empowering B2B marketers to drive an integrated, data-driven content marketing strategy.  Akoonu's built-in best practices and customizable frameworks enable marketers to develop and integrate buyer personas and journey maps. 

Akoonu's technology-enabled approach transforms buyer personas and journey maps into actionable insights that everyone across Sales and Marketing can access and collaborate on in real-time, thereby activating personas and maps organizationally. 

Use Akoonu to connect with CRM and MA data to validate the accuracy of your personas. Via data visualizations, see who are converting to leads, involved in active sales opportunities, and within your customer base. Leverage customizable customer and internal interview scripts aimed at gathering in-depth information to build your buyer personas and journey maps. Upload, organize, and access industry research relevant to your markets and buyers to build a library that lets you more quickly track trends, build personas, and write content.

You can also use the tool for strategy development. Clearly define your target market segments and align your high level sales and marketing initiatives to products, product lines, or business units. Leverage a customizable framework with key buyer persona attributes - like goals, challenges, and buying criteria - and quickly build a persona by instantly accessing research and interview responses mapped to the persona. Select from a library of customizable buyer's journey frameworks that span the entire customer lifecycle, and map buying roles, needs, actions, preferences, and other core dimensions for each persona at each stage.