Akoonu Adds Brand Identity and Messaging to Content Marketing Platform

Sep 10, 2015

Akoonu, Inc. announced the expansion of its content marketing platform. In addition to building and maintaining buyer personas and buyer's journey maps, marketers can now leverage Akoonu's integrated platform to capture, enhance, and update their brand identity and messaging.

Akoonu says it is a content marketing platform empowering marketers to build and operationalize an integrated, data-driven foundation for effective content marketing. It empowers marketers to create and continually update in-depth buyer personas and buyer's journey maps that yield rich audience insights, and to clearly and consistently express and apply their brand identity and messaging.

The Akoonu Brand module provides features, configurable frameworks, workflows, and examples to create brand identity, messaging, and positioning for the first time, or to enhance, update, and operationalize what marketers already have. It integrates with the Akoonu Audience module.