Akiva Releases Open Source Platform

Nov 14, 2003

Akiva Corporation, a developer of collaboration technology, has announced the initial release of its Madrid Platform. Designed as a standards-based alternative to proprietary architectures for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications, the Madrid Platform represents an open development environment for collaboration-enabled applications that are being brought to market. Madrid's goal is to create an environment in which the developer can concentrate on expressing the business logic of an application, without having to re-invent the wheel to deliver a secure, multi-user content management system. The goal on the back end of the platform is to provide a wide variety of interface and integration options via J2EE interfaces, Web Services (to include .NET), and standard network protocols.

The Madrid Platform plugs into Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and provides APIs and services to enable the development of rich and robust collaborative content management applications. The Madrid Platform provides native XML document management, user management, collaboration (asynchronous and synchronous), and workflow models. Developers can create applications using a collection of Java classes, which form an application framework that manages collaborative complexities such as security, presence, versioning, presentation, and user extensible schemas. The Madrid Platform provides transparent access to underlying data storage (using any popular SQL database) and integration with a wide variety of collaboration channels through integration gateways (email, chat, instant messaging, bulletin board, news feeds, etc.).

The Madrid Platform is available under the LGPL open source license, making it freely available for use with open source applications as well as being a foundation for commercial applications. Additionally, the platform is currently being enhanced and extended by an open source development community to provide additional features and integration with other open and proprietary systems. The Madrid Platform is part of the Madrid Project for enterprise-class open collaborative applications. Additional open applications and services built on the platform will be supported through this project.

(http://www.akiva.com), (http://www.madrid-project.org)