Akiva Releases Online Meeting Tool Offered as Appliance

Sep 19, 2003

Akiva has announced the immediate availability of an online meeting product packaged as a hardware appliance rather than as software or hosted services. Akiva WebMeeting Appliance 3.0 includes new features as well as all the hardware and software needed to run online meetings. Based on their online meeting software, WebBoard Meeting, Akiva WebMeeting Appliance 3.0 reflects the company's commitment to making its product available to a broader market by offering it at a lower price and with more flexibility in how it can be purchased.

For companies that want to use their own hardware, Akiva WebMeeting 3.0 is a software only version of the product that offers the same features and pricing. Akiva WebMeeting 3.0 now adds pre and post meeting Web and/or email discussion forums and file archives to extend the value of the meeting product beyond the meeting itself. Akiva WebMeeting 3.0 also offers new features such as polling and quizzes, multi-session video, and improved recording including export to AVI. The software product is supported on the Microsoft Windows Server platform. Pricing starts at $5995.

(http://www.akiva.com), (http://www.akiva.com/webmeeting)