Akamai Media Delivery Solution Adds DRM

Oct 18, 2005

Akamai Technologies, Inc., a global service provider for accelerating content and business processes online, has announced new capabilities and enhancements to its Akamai Media Delivery (AMD) solution, including the Akamai License Delivery for Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) which enables the protection and delivery of valuable audio and video content.

Akamai has developed services to address the needs of its media clients, including: capturing, storing, managing, and delivering digital media to digital devices on as many networks as possible; securing, controlling, monetizing, and reporting on content usage; and enabling content syndication to help content owners get digital media in front of consumers. Akamai License Delivery for Windows Media DRM allows owners to protect their content with end-user access control rules over the Internet.

Akamai License Delivery for Windows Media DRM is designed to provide companies flexibility for monetizing Windows Media-based content and protecting digital assets from misuse and misappropriation, with scalability to support demand for digital media and entertainment content. Features of Akamai License Delivery for Windows Media DRM, include: Geographically diverse deployment to ensure content availability; Built-in ability to scale content delivery; Tools to enable media packaging, rights management, license clearing and delivery, and content delivery; Flexibility to define a wide-variety of rights to fit business requirements; Ability to associate multiple types of rights to content files; and the ability to view real-time and historical statistics.