Airwide Solutions Launches Fusion; New Router

Mar 10, 2006

Airwide Solutions, a global provider of mobile infrastructure software to enable, enhance, and ensure mobile communications for wireless operators, has unveiled Fusion, its new messaging architecture. The open architecture integrates legacy-messaging networks with the core building blocks for IMS, and uses a component-based framework. Fusion utilizes Web services and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) as a communications protocol, providing a holistic view for all messaging domains. This flexible architecture is designed to enable mobile operators to deliver services, blending existing and future messaging architectures.

Airwide also announced the AirOpen Router, a product to implement Fusion's architectural design. The Linux-based AirOpen Router is designed to optimize the messaging infrastructure by incorporating first delivery attempt, load-distribution, and routing intelligence, so that traffic can be allocated across the network's messaging elements. The AirOpen router is designed to leverage application layer protocols such as SIP, as well as SMPP (short message peer-to-peer protocol) and MM1. Available in four configurations, AirOpen Router provides an approach for operators looking to gain enhanced security capabilities including content barring, antispam, antispoof, and blacklisting.

Features such as virtual mobile, presence, and location interrogation provide capabilities that can improve the subscriber's experience. AirOpen Router also allows operators to monitor and manage relationships with value-added partners such as MVNOs, aggregators, and content providers.