Air Products Selects Inxight SmartDiscovery

Dec 09, 2003

Air Products, a supplier of electronic materials, hydrogen, helium, and select performance chemicals, has chosen Inxight SmartDiscovery to provide more than 10,000 Air Products employees worldwide with access to information via its corporate portal. The Air Products corporate portal is organized as a collection of Web pages, end-user applications, and services. It consists of 700 intranet Web sites that contain information residing in hundreds of document formats that are spread across multiple data repositories.

Air Products will use the categorization and taxonomy building capabilities offered by Inxight SmartDiscovery in an effort to organize and manage its data. In addition, the information discovery services that SmartDiscovery provides, including similarity search and entity extraction, paired with Microsoft SharePoint are expected to enable thousands of Air Products' employees to search across multiple data sets and connect with information. In addition to the use of SmartDiscovery on its corporate portal, Air Products also plans to use the solution as an information analysis tool for its Information Library Services group. This group is tasked with ensuring compliance to regulatory policies.

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