Aimee Launches On-Site Campaign Management Solution

Sep 19, 2013

Aimee Soft is launched the Aimee On-Site Campaign Management solution to enable digital marketers to improve web metrics based on predictive analytics and business intelligence according to the metrics best-suited to the organization's goals, whether it is focused on increasing revenue, profits, loyalty, or another Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

When a prospect arrives on your website, Aimee enables serving relevant marketing messages in real-time based on proprietary digital adaptive marketing technology. Aimee scans and analyzes site-side data, anonymized search intent data, and other industry data sources and utilizes proprietary predictive analytics technology in order to serve each site visitor the most relevant message based on their predicted needs and your business' defined goal.

Aimee is a self-service on-site campaign management solution which can be integrated in hours without involving IT and priced for fast and easy testing.