Ahead of MainNet Launch, Insolar Announces Collaborations with Microsoft, Oracle, and Innosuisse

Oct 08, 2019

Insolar, a provider of blockchain solutions for enterprise, announces major platform collaborations with Microsoft, Oracle, and a group of national innovation agencies, including Innosuisse, UK Energy Innovation Centre, and the German Energy Agency, dena. These relationships fortify Insolar’s marquee position in driving blockchain innovation and real-world usage among enterprise firms, while setting the stage for a MainNet release on November 1, 2019.

Microsoft: More than a million companies around the world rely on Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Azure, as a key backbone of their technical infrastructure. Working hand-in-hand with Microsoft, Insolar will contribute its platform and expertise to the Azure ecosystem, making it seamless for Azure clients to deploy on the blockchain. Additionally, Insolar will enjoy preferential sales and marketing access to Azure’s global client base, expanding its market footprint.

Oracle: Insolar will work closely with Oracle team members, product experts, and customers to upgrade the Oracle Cloud with cutting-edge blockchain features. Insolar’s enterprise-first architecture, with its unique features surrounding security, scalability, and cloud deployment, makes it an enticing addition to the Oracle ecosystem.

Innosuisse: In addition to its corporate reach, Insolar actively partners with academic and research organizations such as UC Berkeley, York University, and ETH Zurich. This has led to groundbreaking innovations, such as Insolar’s Transactive Energy System. The System is a blockchain-based energy project that was named one of the most promising green energy projects worldwide by the Startup Energy Transition, which is supported by the UN World Energy Council. Insolar is in the process of launching the System as a joint project with research and industry partners in Switzerland, with the backing of the country’s Innovation Agency, Innosuisse. Moreover, Insolar presented the Transactive Energy System at this year’s World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. 

MainNet: All of these exciting developments come in advance of Insolar’s highly anticipated MainNet release on November 1, 2019, which brings enterprise-grade, production-deployable blockchain capabilities to business at scale. The MainNet builds on a historic TestNet launch, which demonstrated speeds in excess of 19,500 transactions per second on a network of 20 nodes, with near-linear scalability, representing an order of magnitude performance increase over other blockchains.

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