Agile Data Management with vjoon Storage Engine

Nov 08, 2016

In multichannel publishing and content marketing, the data load grows heavier with every added output channel. And rising demand for high-resolution images and videos further exacerbates an already challenging situation. To protect the integrity of all this information, companies need a management tool that can handle vast amounts of data and restore the database promptly in the event of a failure. This is what vjoon Storage Engine aims to do. It streamlines and simplifies the storage and management of vjoon K4's publishing data and markedly speeds up recovery.

Taking snapshots of these data is simply a matter of pressing a button or triggering a scheduled automated routine. Using vjoon Storage Engine will shrink the database and even vast numbers of snapshots require little storage space. Data are recovered quickly in the event of an emergency and the publishing workflow can be promptly resumed. All processes take place in the background so as not to impede graphic designers, content writers, and editors' efforts.

Companies that opt for vjoon K4 and vjoon Storage Engine are free to run their publishing workflows and maintain all data on their in-house IT infrastructure. They may also use Amazon’s highly scalable, cloud-based object storage for vjoon Storage Engine. Or they can port the whole package, vjoon K4 and vjoon Storage Engine, to the cloud. This freedom of choice puts media companies, agencies and marketers back in the driver’s seat when it comes to their IT strategies.