Agile Business Models Demand Best-of-Breed Digital Experience Platforms

Jun 07, 2018

SDL, a provider of global content management, translation, and digital experience, announced a report by analyst firm Digital Clarity Group (DCG), highlighting the radical impact that new, disruptive business models are having on traditional approaches to buying digital experience platforms (DXP). The research report, “Digital Experience Platforms: Buyer Trends, Preferences, and Strategies,” indicates that almost three quarters (70%) of brands currently take a heterogeneous approach to their digital experience platforms, meaning they combine best-of-breed components to build the desired DXP and continuously extend its functionality for better customer engagement.

The research clearly highlights skepticism among global brands that a single vendor could develop a fully-functional end-to-end DXP, and keep up with the constant DX innovations taking place across the market. There is also a concern among brands that parts of a single-vendor suite will lack the functionality of disruptive and emerging technologies, leaving them with fewer options to deliver these next-generation digital experiences.

Brands are also changing the traditional way that transformational DXP projects are led, according to the report. Many enterprises questioned indicated that it's not marketing, but their C-suite executives championing and driving DX strategies and projects. If the C-suite does not lead the DX initiative, then either the CIO/ CTO leads it. Only ranked third, marketing and technology leaders co-manage it.

This change reflects SDL's own approach of working closely with C-Suite executives on their digital transformation projects. The leadership team, unlike most roles with a business, has an enterprise-wide overview, and the ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver end-to-end customer-centric processes.

In this research, DCG surveyed and conducted interviews with 300 business and IT leaders from across the globe to gain insight into real-world purchasing strategies.