AgilOne and Snowflake Provide Fast, Direct Access to Customer Data at Scale

Jan 31, 2019

AgilOne, a customer data platform for enterprise B2C brands, and Snowflake Computing, a data warehouse built for the cloud, announced a strategic partnership. The joint solution provides reporting and full SQL access to processed, record-level data within AgilOne with fast query performance via Snowflake – making vast amount of omnichannel customer data, enhanced with online-offline identity resolution, behavioral and predictive analytics, accessible to marketing, IT, and data science teams.

The partnership provides Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse as part of the AgilOne platform, enabling unlimited concurrent query loads with instant and infinite up and down scaling. AgilOne customers using the Metrics+ and Lightning IQ applications have gained a significant increase in performance through the joint solution. With Snowflake Data Sharing, customers gain direct and immediate access to AgilOne’s data for advanced analytics use-cases without ever having to move data or manage a custom ETL process, making it more efficient for data scientists to create their own models and feed them back into the AgilOne platform.

TUMI, a high-end suitcases and travel bags retailer, leverages the AgilOne Customer Data Platform to unify data across stores and digital channels, and to enable consistent, orchestrated, relevant customer experiences. TUMI's data science team uses AgilOne Lightning IQ to query customer data for segment analysis and to understand customer engagement over time.

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