Aflexi Launches CDN Ecosystem and Platform

Jan 06, 2009

Aflexi, a provider of content delivery solutions for ISPs and content distributors, launched its new service and content delivery management solution that enables web hosts and content distributors to provide scalable and secure content distribution. By using Aflexi’s new software and network of datacenters, a web host or content provider can expand their service offerings and deliver high and standard definition video, music, graphics, and other large digital objects to consumers and businesses. The Aflexi technology can manage website traffic across various ISPs and their POPs. The Alexi back-end system scrutinizes traffic patterns and visitor profiles, and can make the necessary adjustments in real time to ensure delivery speeds and data quality. If a specific server or network becomes overloaded, the Aflexi system automatically reroutes incoming and outgoing traffic to the next available ISP, server, or POP.