Advantage Media Launches

Oct 18, 2016


Advantage Media announced the launch of its new business unit, resulting from the rebrand of a homegrown group within the Advantage Solutions family. The new group focuses on cross-channel digital media solutions that drive innovation in shopper marketing. Born in retail, its parent company, Advantage Solutions, says it is engaged with every major retailer throughout the US. The paid and earned media solutions offered by Advantage Media are powered by its proprietary MomentAware Data Management Solution, which takes shopper marketing for retail and CPG brands, to new heights. 

MomentAware utilizes proprietary real-time location data, billions of behavioral data points, and unparalleled research to fuel targeting for digital media solutions that empower retailers and brands to find and engage with their shoppers during their most receptive moments. In these moments when shoppers are most open to purchase influence, Advantage Media delivers the right message at the right time through a variety of programmatic, real-time media, and earned media channels. 

Shopper insights derived from MomentAware power media solutions that deliver messages to shoppers when they are most open to and willing to engage. By unifying location, contextual, and temporal relevance MomentAware delivers engagement that drives ROI.