Advanced Publishing introduces VIZION5 - HTML5 Digital Edition Solution

Oct 08, 2012

Advanced Publishing Corporation announced the beta version of VIZION5, which enables the company to create and deliver rich interactive versions of magazines and other publications across multiple devices.

Advanced Publishing's VIZION5 offers enhanced zoom capabilities, dynamic social media feeds, easy to use table of contents features, and cross device bookmarking and annotation tools.

The viewer also has unique Quick Menu "right click" feature that allows readers to perform frequent tasks. An offline version of VIZION5 will soon be available -- with the same user experience -- for readers who wish to take the magazine with them while away from Internet connectivity.

With VIZION5 rich media takes on new life allowing publishing customers to embed or add video content, advertising, audio, and countless other media elements that can be delivered across all devices using the power of HTML5 - without the need for plug-ins.