Adobe and Yahoo! Unveil Beta of New PDF Advertising Service

Nov 30, 2007

November 28, 2007

Adobe Systems Incorporated and Yahoo! Inc. have launched Ads for Adobe PDFPowered by Yahoo!, an opt-in service that enables online commercial publishersto drive new revenue by including timely, contextual ads next to Adobe PortableDocument Format (PDF)-based content. The service has the potential to offerreaders access to more free content, enhanced with ads that match theirinterests. Ads for Adobe PDF Powered by Yahoo! is available initially as a betaprogram. The new service allows publishers to generate revenue by includingcontextual, text-based ads next to Adobe PDF content, with Yahoo! providingaccess to its extensive network of advertisers to match a broad range ofsubject matter. For advertisers, Ads for Adobe PDF Powered by Yahoo! extendsreach by delivering advertising across a new channel of content, while alsoproviding the ability to track advertising performance, just as they can todaywith ads placed on websites. To join the program, publishers must registeronline, and then simply upload their Adobe PDF content so that it can bead-enabled before distributing PDFs as they do today. Ads can only be displayedwithin Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat, in a panel adjacent to the content sothat they do not disrupt the viewing experience. Ads for Adobe PDF Powered byYahoo! is a free service and does not require the purchase or installation ofsoftware.