Adobe and GeoTrust Announce Certified Document Service

Oct 15, 2004

Adobe Systems Incorporated and GeoTrust, Inc., a provider of identity verification solutions for ebusiness, have announced the availability of a jointly-developed certified document service or "CDS" solution. The solution is intended to automatically assure users who receive certified Adobe PDF files that the author's identity has been verified by a trusted organization, and that the document has not been altered. CDS signing is designed to significantly raise the level of document integrity and verification over traditional digital signing because the user's digital credentials must be issued by a WebTrust-certified authority using strict vetting guidelines, and then must be stored on a secure cryptographic hardware device. Adobe Acrobat 6.0, Adobe LiveCycle Document Security software and GeoTrust True Credentials for Adobe Acrobat certificate offerings are currently available. A single-user, 1-year signing credential provided on a cryptographic token is priced at $895.