Adobe and Drift Launch Conversational Account-Based Experience for Marketo Engage

Apr 23, 2019

Adobe and Drift, the leading conversational marketing platform, announced Conversational ABM for Marketo Engage, a first-ever conversational capability for account-based experiences (ABX) — a new way to identify, understand and engage B2B customer buying teams. Conversational ABM for Marketo Engage will be available to customers of Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, enabling marketers to personalize every website visit from a target account with a personalized conversation in real-time.

By simply connecting target account lists with Drift, Marketo Engage customers will be able to target each website visitor with a chatbot, a relevant piece of ABX content or give them a fast lane to connect directly to a sales representative. Conversational ABM for Marketo Engage brings live chat — one of the fastest growing channels for B2B marketers — to Marketo Engage’s ABX solution and enables Marketo Engage and Drift users to:

  • Schedule meetings with top accounts instantly
  • Connect qualified people tied to key accounts with the right sales representative faster
  • Create a personalized experience for each customer
  • Prove conversation marketing impact

Additionally, Marketo Engage announced that Verticurl, a Global Platinum Marketo Partner and WPP company, is a preferred global partner to help accelerate integration of Conversational ABM for Marketo Engage directly into marketers’ current marketing technology stack, customer experience strategy and marketing operations processes. Marketo Engage customers will benefit from Verticurl’s global team of marketing technology and ABX consultants in over 20 countries.

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