Adobe Unveils Innovations in Adobe Primetime

Sep 26, 2013

Adobe announced a series of technology innovations in Adobe(R) Primetime, a TV delivery and monetization platform for programmers and pay-TV service providers. New analytics capabilities improve the viewer experience by giving content owners access to a broad set of data to better understand their digital audience, including viewer engagement with both content and ads. In addition, Adobe announced a new cloud DRM service to simplify the deployment of content protected videos across devices.

Adobe Primetime now includes Adobe Analytics Essentials for Video. New video reports in Adobe Analytics Essentials for Video provide second-by-second insights, such as time spent viewing content, along with start, completion, and abandonment rates. Standardized metrics for video content and ads allow users to compare detailed viewer engagement across platforms and.

Adobe Primetime is also introducing a new, real-time Quality of Service  (QoS) monitoring service that enables video diagnostics to better understand the quality of the viewer experience, and to optimize content experiences and ad loads. Primetime QoS monitoring is tightly integrated with Adobe Analytics, giving customers a unified set of data across audiences, quality of streams, and other site and app engagement. The new video analytics capabilities also integrate with existing infrastructures and can access metadata from third-party solutions.