Adobe Marketing Cloud Debuts New Features

May 17, 2016

Adobe unveiled new advertising capabilities in Adobe Media Optimizer that it says enable brands to deliver creative ad content with deep data insights and engage users with highly personalized messages and offers. This includes advanced analytics that better leverage a prospect's journey online as well as new tools to help serve the most relevant content at scale and in real-time. Support for video ads and mobile audience and location data allows brands to reach customers through highly effective ad formats across devices. New integrations within Adobe Marketing Cloud let advertisers tap into a wider set of consumer data to reach audiences across channels.

Adobe's Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is now fully integrated across Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver personalization at scale. Advertisers can leverage granular audience segments and move beyond binary ad targeting. Advertisers can also incorporate content from Adobe Experience Manager Assets and other digital asset management systems to take advantage of a multi-channel approach where Adobe Creative Cloud content is connected with other experiences across a brand's owned channels.

New support for video ads in Adobe Media Optimizer enables brands to buy and optimize both standard video on the web and on platforms such as Facebook, with access to open exchanges, private marketplaces, and social networks. With Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager and Core services, advertisers also gain better visibility into video ad performance and attribution, with more precise segmentation to reach high-value users.

Through new integrations with Adobe Analytics and Mobile Core Services SDK, Adobe Media Optimizer offers a complete view of the customer journey from app installation to usage behavior to conversions. The data can then be used to target prospects that are most likely to convert, driving downloads through more personalized ads and better campaign optimization.

When geography is added to the mix, brands can make ads even more relevant. Adobe Media Optimizer can now leverage location information to adjust bids on search ad impressions. These bids can then be adjusted in real-time based on the conversion probability for individual geographies.

Tight integration with Adobe Analytics enables advertisers to accurately analyze ad performance and report actionable findings across the organization. Metrics such as view and click-based engagement will enable brands to understand in real-time how consumers engage with ads across channels. Through Analysis Workspace in Adobe Analytics, teams can use an intuitive, drag-and-drop visual interface to produce reports that anyone in the organization can easily understand and use.