Adobe Launches DITA CCMS Based on Experience Manager

Jul 21, 2016


Adobe has announced the launch of DITA CCMS based on its Experience Manager. Now, the Technical Publishing department can take advantage of the single-click multichannel publishing capability of the solution to generate DITA-based output for Experience Manager Sites and Mobile, PDF, and other popular formats.

In addition, authors can create content using any offline DITA editor, such as Adobe FrameMaker, or the built-in web editor that provides easy entry for subject matter experts, casual contributors, and reviewers who might not be trained in DITA. By providing all core CCMS functions - such as collaboration, review, approval, translation, search, and reports for DITA content - the add-on enables authors to do more in less time with optimal content reuse, according to Adobe.

With the gradual but unmistakable convergence of marketing and technical content across enterprises - this new-age Adobe solution will empower our customers to create valuable experiences that build brands, drive demand, and extend the reach and ROI of customer-facing content, whether pre- or post-sale.