Adobe Announces XML/PDF Form Design Software

Jul 18, 2003

Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced new graphical design software for creating intelligent electronic documents. Using PDF for presenting information and XML for processing data, the new form design software is designed to enable organizations to easily design and deploy intelligent forms in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or in an XML Data Package (XDP). Combined with Adobe's server solutions, now customers in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, and governments can leverage their current infrastructure, knowledge and investment in applications to connect people and processes across the extended enterprise.

The new XML/PDF form designer software provides all the capabilities needed to design forms with precision, including the ability to define business logic and incorporate existing or user-defined XML schemas. By enabling form designers to include user-defined XML schemas they can use XML vocabularies specific to particular verticals or cross-industry standards. Forms can be deployed in PDF and then processed as PDF is today, or delivered as an XML Data Package (XDP) to be processed as XML. XDP files are simply XML files that contain XML form data, XML form templates, PDF documents and other XML information. They can be integrated with enterprise applications via commonly available XML tools and web services.

The new form designer, combined with the Adobe Form Server, Adobe Workflow Server, Adobe Document Server and the free Adobe Reader, will enable organizations to integrate enterprise applications with document workflows throughout an organization, improving document generation, collaboration and process management. The new form designer will be available for beta testing during Q4 2003.

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