Adobe Announces Trait Exclusion

Dec 04, 2018

In a post on its blog, Adobe announced the rollout of Trait Exclusion in Algorithmic models and segment-level CPM impression reporting in Audience Manager. According to the company, these enhancements give marketers better controls, valuable insights, and actionability at scale – all of which help enable more tailored customer experiences.

Powered by Adobe Sensei’s machine learning framework,  Trait Exclusion lets marketers eliminate unwanted traits from lookalike models to get a better, more focused picture of their audience.

Exclusion also lets marketers make sure models aren’t biased by overly common characteristics like site visitors and exclude certain personal information from third-party data sources, according to customers’ privacy regulations.

Also available now is segment-level CPM impression reporting for Audience Marketplace in Audience Manager, eliminating manual reporting and the friction of cost attribution for third and second party data.

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