Adobe Announces PDF Print Engine

Apr 04, 2006

Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced the Adobe PDF Print Engine, printing software technology that can output Portable Document Format (PDF) files that include complex designs and effects, such as transparency.

The Adobe PDF Print Engine combines content definition in Adobe PDF and Job Definition Format (JDF) to control print systems, allowing PDF print jobs to stay device-independent across the workflow. Print workflow systems that are powered by the Adobe PDF Print Engine can allow late-stage content corrections, enable re-purposing jobs for output on different printing systems and provide on-screen, high-resolution previews driven by the same rendering engine as final stage Raster Image Processors (RIPs). Adobe is providing the Adobe PDF Print Engine as a Software Development Kit (SDK) for OEMs who will build the next generation of PDF printing solutions, including RIPs, print previewing and proofing software, and print workflow systems.

The modular architecture of the Adobe PDF Print Engine will enable Adobe PDF version upgrades, so printers can update their print systems to the latest Adobe PDF specification. Its scalable architecture for concurrent processing is optimized for rendering on multiple CPU systems. The Adobe PDF Print Engine SDK is now available for OEM partners, who are expected to begin introducing new products based on the technology.