Adobe Announces New Target Mobile Capabilities to Enable Always-on Personalization

Mar 06, 2018

 In a recent blog post, Adobe announced new features in Adobe Target that it says allow your brand to personalize beyond the web.

  • New Visual Experience Composer for Mobile Apps--Adobe Target’s new visual experience composer for mobile apps makes running personalization experiments on your mobile apps a lot easier, according to the blog post. Anyone can swap text and images in your native mobile app and quickly run A/B/n tests on those changes.
  • New Batch Experience Prefetch--Adobe Target’s batch experience prefetch for mobile apps solves interrupted connectivity issues while improving speed and performance. Using the latest Adobe Mobile SDK, you simply set up your app so that each app launch makes a single call to Adobe Target that requests all experience variations from live optimization activities and a snapshot of the visitor profile, according to Adobe. Target then caches those variations and the profile snapshot either on the EDGE network, locally, or both. Anytime a visitor interacts with your app, Target quickly determines and delivers the relevant experiences at the activity locations throughout your app.
  • Optimize Node.js Websites and Applications Server-side with the Node.js SDK--Aobe’s new Node.js SDK opens the door for users to optimize your Node.js website or application server-side. In addition, the unified Visitor ID service is built in, so you can leverage Adobe’s native integration with Adobe Analytics for a single source of data truth in your server-side deployment.
  • Visually QA Mobile App Experiences--Adobe says the new mobile experience preview lets users easily perform end-to-end quality assurance (QA) on your mobile app activities without having to activate them. You can view the regional variations right on your device. Using mobile experience preview is super easy. You just generate a preview link and send it to your mobile device. When you’re ready, click or paste that link into the browser to see the experiences. Share it with key stakeholders for review and approval.