Adobe Announces New Partnerships and Features

Oct 16, 2018

At Adobe MAX, Adobe—as well as inMotionNow--made several product announcements. To begin, Adobe introduced new innovations across Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud that aim to increase content velocity and drive impactful customer experiences, which include:

  • An integration between Adobe Stock and Adobe Experience Manager so marketers can easily search, license, manage and reuse Adobe Stock
  • A partnership with GoPro to develop curated and trending content collection for enterprise and individual users in Adobe Stock
  • Even more powerful 3D tools within Dimension so marketers can then render edited models into new, high-quality 360-degree views or 2D marketing assets

Additionally, the company introduced exclusive partnerships with WPP and Accenture to better arm brands with the technology and tools they need. Adobe and WPP are working together to tighten asset workflows between creative and marketing teams and infuse AI to help fuel the design process and scale content production. Driving innovations in Project Design language and Project JetStream,that joint customers are working with.

The Accenture partnership aims to streamline workflows between creative and marketing teams, and will establish a Design Center of Excellence (CoE).

Meanwhile, inMotionNow, a provider of workflow management solutions for marketing and creative teams, announced it has released a new extension from inMotion ignite to Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC, and Adobe Illustrator CC. This allows designers to interact with people and projects in the creative workflow process – to send work out for review or check on comments and feedback – without ever leaving the Creative Cloud app in which they are working.

Some of the key capabilities this extension brings to each of the Adobe products include the following:

  • Route proofs out for review
  • View in-app notifications
  • Navigate between the Adobe extension and inMotion ignite

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