Adobe Adds Blogging to Contribute 4

Oct 06, 2006


Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced the immediate availability of Adobe Contribute 4 software, a new version of its web publishing solution designed for business, education, and government workers to contribute content to the web without having to learn HTML. Key features in Adobe Contribute 4 include new blog publishing capabilities, unified web publishing, enhanced Microsoft Office integration for Windows users, and Adobe Flash video support.

The new unified web publishing feature of Adobe Contribute 4 enables users to post and publish content to multiple websites and blogs, from a single application. Users can also work offline without losing content changes due to a dropped connection or browser 'Back' button. Because Adobe Contribute 4 works with Macromedia Dreamweaver from Adobe, site administrators give authoring permission and can maintain website integrity, and look-and-feel--even when multiple authors update content across the site. Windows users using Adobe Contribute 4 also have a new ability to post and publish content to their websites and blogs directly from within Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

Contribute also supports the most popular blog servers--Blogger, Typepad, and Wordpress--and gives the option of connecting to in-house blog servers, straight out of the box. Rich media support has been enhanced in Adobe Contribute 4 enabling users to drag and drop images, movies, and now Adobe Flash video files into their web pages or blog entries. In addition, users can publish content from a browser to their website and blog. Contribute maintains the original formatting and automatically posts the source for the content as well as a link.