Adobe Acquires Digital Ad Platform Efficient Frontier

Nov 30, 2011

Adobe is set to acquire Efficient Frontier, a privately held company that offers an ad buying and optimization platform, according to paidContent. Through the acquisition, Adobe will add options for ad campaign forecasting, execution, and optimization across multiple channels to its Digital Marketing Suite. Adobe plans to build upon its existing independent ad buying and optimization platform for search, social, and display marketing.

The complete suite of capabilities will provide digital marketers, advertisers, and publishers with enhanced reporting and analytics, personalized experiences, multi-channel campaign management, and media monetization. Efficient Frontier's platform is designed to use data and intelligence to drive ROI in all digital channels and provide insights to customers.

Adobe acquired video ad manager Auditude earlier this month in another strategic move to boost its advertising capabilities. The Efficient Frontier transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of Adobe's fiscal year.