Adjust Develops Solution for Latest Form of Ad Fraud

Jan 30, 2018

Adjust, an app measurement company, has launched a solution to eradicate a new form of ad fraud, which has been spreading rapidly throughout 2017 and gaining momentum in 2018. In so-called SDK spoofing, or replay attacks, fraudsters attack without the knowledge of users on their personal devices and use the information to fake app installations. This fact makes SDK spoofing more difficult to identify because the devices used actually exist and are credible as install sources. The fraud attack goes undetected by the end user, and can affect anyone’s device at any time. The bottom line is that there is no app installation on these credible devices—the advertisers are out of pocket and the end user is unaware that they’ve been a party to a scam.
To prevent SDK spoofing, Adjust has developed a signature hash, which is now available to all customers regardless of the use of Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite, with the release of SDK version 4.12.
The hash adds a new dynamic parameter to the measurement URL that can’t be guessed or stolen, and is used only once. Marketers have the option to renew the signature for different versions of their app. This will allow them to decline the use of the signature versions over time and ensure that the attribution is based on the highest security standards for the latest releases and that the older releases can be completely removed from being attributed.

This solution became available with the release of SDK version 4.12