Adjust Announces its Coalition Against Ad Fraud

Sep 21, 2017

Adjust announced the expansion of its Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF) with a new set of strategic partners and guidelines for entry. All CAAF members have contractually undersigned these guidelines in order to participate in the fight against fraud. New members AdAction, AdColony, AppLift, Aarki, Dynalyst, Fyber, i-mobile, Inmobi, IronSource, Jampp, Liftoff, Nend, Remerge, Vungle, and YouAppi join a growing list of platform leaders that have pledged to tackle mobile ad fraud head-on, working closely together to develop new solutions that further benefit advertisers being plagued by fraudulent traffic, with the aim of disincentivizing fraud even further.
Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite (FPS) was among the first commercially available offering of tools that directly prevent performance mobile ad fraud. Since the launch of FPS, many companies have been quick to follow, although none are currently actively preventing and denying attribution of fraudulent engagements.
CAAF has defined a set of guidelines that members must adhere to, which includes further establishing what constitutes performance fraud in alignment with IAB standards, committing to latency guidelines, and agreeing who is responsible for dealing with it. An example of this is agreeing to reject poached organic traffic, cutting off the money supply to fraudsters running these widespread schemes. The responsibility of this rejection is reliant on two parties agreeing and working together - the attribution provider detecting and rejecting the fraud, and the networks not charging advertisers for fraudulent activity with a commitment to kicking out fraudulent publishers from their system.