Adjust Announces Improved Measurement, as App Attribution Partner Program Unveiled

May 18, 2017

During Google I/O, Adjust was announced as an App Attribution Partner with Google. Adjust enables marketers to use its sophisticated Return on Investment (ROI) analytics, Audience Builder for segmentation, and Hourly Aggregation to deeply analyze, develop and optimize campaigns on Google AdWords.

The new AdWords integration for Adjust automatically captures ad spend and campaign structure data from AdWords. Adjust can then analyze the cost and revenue metrics of AdWords campaigns down to individual creatives and ad groups, enabling marketers to optimize AdWords campaigns within Adjust. This is in addition to conversion rates and other campaign metrics.

The updated campaign data can also be used within Adjust’s Audience Builder segmentation engine to define specific audiences based on interactions with AdWords campaigns, making the basis for personalization or remarketing campaigns.

As an App Attribution Partner, Adjust can offer advertisers many of the latest Google app measurement features as soon as they're available.