Adblock Plus 3.6 offers Multilingual Surfing and Multilingual Blocking

Aug 01, 2019


eyeo has released the latest version of Adblock Plus ABP 3.6 today. The most important new features are the improved usability of the language filter menu and the greater choice of available languages for the development tool.

Many users surf the web in multiple languages and want to conveniently use an ad blocker at the same time. The filter lists are responsible for telling the ad blocker which elements to block, but they are created for only one language at a time.

A 35-year-old Mexican-American woman who lives in New York and works as a teacher might read Spanish-language blogs about classroom management, search for texts in English to download and distribute in class and watch French YouTube tutorials to teach herself conversational French for an upcoming summer trip. If she wants to block annoying advertisements on all these pages reliably, her ad blocker will need filters for all three languages. 

Adblock Plus users have already been able to activate filters for several languages, but the new version of Adblock Plus makes this a lot easier and more self-explanatory.

Adblock Plus has significantly improved the design and usability of the menu with the latest version of ABP 3.6. This now includes additional explanations on how to use the filter lists as well as providing a better overview. 

There is also good news for users who use Adblock Plus in the developer tools panel: the user interface is now available in 23 languages. With the previous versions, the Development Tool was only available in English. Thus, the open-source product Adblock Plus is now accessible for even more people and enables them to participate in a fair and profitable web.

Another important innovation is aimed at people with low vision who use the Issue Reporter with a screen reader. The Issue Reporter serves to forward error messages to the development team. A screenshot of the website is required to process the request. In version ABP 3.6 the user gets a pop-up message that the screenshot may show personal data, such as the user name. Users with low vision will then have the opportunity to email their request directly to the support team. This is a valuable development toward better accessibility.

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