Adblade for Mobile

Sep 17, 2012

Adblade, an ultra-premium ad network, announced the launch of Adblade for Mobile, a new mobile program designed to help marketers reach and engage consumers on-the-go. Adblade for Mobile offers attention-grabbing formats, click-assurance, and massive scale   across 1,000 premium sites, including NBC News, Fox News and USA Today.

Adblade for Mobile lets marketers leverage Adblade's NewsBullet format for their mobile campaigns. Set up to look just like content, Adblade says NewsBullets receive 3x more clicks than other ads.

Citing a study by Trademob, which found that 40% of all mobile clicks are the result of accidental presses or fraud, Adblade says it uses Click Assurance, which prompts users to verify their clicks. Adblade tracks and reports on both users who intended to click and users who didn't.