Adblade for Lead Gen

Oct 16, 2012

Adblade, an ultra-premium ad network, announced the launch of Adblade for Lead Gen, a web-based campaign program designed to help brands and direct marketers reach, engage, and convert prospects online. Adblade for Lead Gen offers streamlined campaign management, CPA automation, attention-grabbing formats, and massive scale.

With Adblade for Lead Gen, marketers provide a target cost-per-action (CPA) for their campaign, and Adblade, leveraging algorithms, automatically and continuously optimizes campaign execution to meet the CPA goal. This process seeks to show present ads to users who are most likely to convert. Marketers can track ongoing campaign performance via the Adblade Console.

Adblade for Lead Gen features NewsBullets, Adblade's attention-grabbing ad format. Designed to look more like content than advertising, NewsBullets receive three times more clicks than standard banner ads, says Adblade.