Adaptly Selected for Early Instagram Ads API Access

Aug 27, 2015


Adaptly, Inc., a media technology company which enables advertising on autonomous marketing platforms, announced it has been selected as a Facebook Marketing Partner with early Instagram Ads API access and has released software products for purchasing and managing paid media campaigns on Instagram. Adaptly is one of a small number of technology companies to have early access to the Instagram Ads API, an invite-only program designed to advance the availability of Instagram media buying.

Among the first of Adaptly's clients to leverage the Instagram solution are retail giant Sears Holdings and full-service advertising agency, Assembly.

Adaptly is able to target Instagram audiences based on a number of data points available through Facebook, including demographics and interests, as well as in conjunction with each marketers' existing customers via Facebook's Custom Audiences tool. Adaptly's solution will also enable marketers to run integrated campaigns across both Instagram and Facebook which will enable sequential messaging.