Ad Land’s Walls Are Yet To Fall

Mar 22, 2018

In a tense environment where a consumer goods giant such as P&G can directly shake the revenues of a large holding agency like WPP, media and marketing consultancy, NewBase has done an industry check-up. The follow-up of the Marketing Priorities research today reveals that most marketers have seen little or no change in the past year.

Over a year ago, P&G brand boss, Marc Pritchard was giving one of 2017’s most important speeches for the ad world. His rallying call for a clean-up of the digital supply chain addressed the importance of transparency, trust, and accuracy. Since then, over 6,000 articles have been written praising these concepts, and his words were used as a conversation starter for most of 2017.

In mid-2017, the NewBase Marketing Priorities report showed that the majority of marketing and advertising professionals were united in identifying the key issues of a too complex digital ecosystem. While 96% of the industry wanted greater collaboration and transparency between agencies, brands publishers and ad tech, 90% of them highlighted the urgency of having standard digital audience verification measurements.

When asked again this year, the main observation is that a lot remains to be done to improve things. In fact, 64% of marketers and advertisers think that there has been no change or that the situation has worsened when it comes to increased transparency in the procurement process. In terms of viewability standards, the perceptions fare little better with 60% reporting things are worse or haven’t changed. Finally, control over brand safety is not in better shape either according to 59% of marketers and advertisers.

Even though these findings depict a not so bright picture of the advertising sector, much can be implemented to clean up the supply chain and create a healthier and more responsible industry. Media buying suppliers, for instance, have already developed the technology to provide brands and marketers real-time performance data on programmatic campaigns and can now offer independent trading desks by working with multiple DSPs (Demand Side Platforms).