ActiveDocs Adds Integration

Mar 17, 2011

ActiveDocs announced integration between and its Opus software. will now let users take advantage of Opus' Data View architecture, which lets Opus users create custom services that use standard web services provided by other systems to pull data and insert it into required documents. This allows multiple data sources, both internal and external to the company, to be used to generate a single document.

The complete document creation scenario can be performed within Starting from within setup, a user can click a button to create a sales proposal using the ActiveDocs Opus document creation wizard to create a document, incorporate data, and pass it seamlessly back to The template can also contain business logic to control the required content, allowing the output to be tailored by geographic data or other factors.

ActiveDocs Opus is an integrated software suite built on the Microsoft .NET framework that lets organizations automate the creation of complex and critical business documents.